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About the Photographer
Jeremy Hunter PhotoJEREMY HUNTER began his career in advertising - as a television creative, working for Young and Rubicam, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy and Bates, along the way winning a number of international awards in Cannes, Venice, New York and Los Angeles. During this time he worked with some of Britain's most iconic film directors - John Schlesinger, Ken Russell, Tony Scott, Dick Lester, Nic Roeg, Richard Loncraine as well as Oscar-winning Editor Jim Clark and photographer Terence Donovan.

Over the past thirty years he has divided his time between television and photojournalism. He was a foreign correspondent for NIR-TV based in Tehran, reporting extensively from around the world - the civil war in the Lebanon, the first democratic elections in Portugal, the uprising in India and assassination of Indira Gandhi, and the coronation of the cannibal "Emperor" Jean-Bedel Bokassa in the Central African Empire. This was followed by a period as On-Screen News and Current Affairs Reporter/Producer for Granada TV from where he went to the BBC as writer/producer and then to Channel 4 "Cutting Edge".

Throughout his career in television and the media, he has taken a special interest in documenting the world's festivals, rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. Let's Celebrate 365 is the result of this life-long interest and work, and an exhibition derived from these is currently touring England and Europe.

As a photo-journalist he specializes in Travel Reportage and contributes to The Sunday Times, The Telegraph Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, The Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Bunte, Conde Nast Traveller, GEO, Stern, Epoca, Wanderlust and many other travel-related magazines. His reportages have been recognised with two UNESCO awards.

Theyyam & Kerala Africa

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